The Regina Airport Authority engaged pmgm architecture ltd. to provide a design report for a Quick Turn-Around (QTA) Common-Use Rental Car Facility to meet the operational requirements of the car rental agencies providing service to the Regina Airport. The basis of the design was a report prepared by AIRBIZ outlining the programmatic requirements for the building. Additionally, there was a requirement to assist with the Business Case Analysis to support the project.

The deliverables were:

  • To provide a building design to equitably provide a QTA facility, to include individual fueling stations, a common car wash tunnel, individual wash/cleaning bays and on-site storage for each car rental agency’s fleet not out on rental.
  • To review the business case, confirm assumptions, further analyze the capital and operational costs to determine the optimal CFC (customer facility charge) on each car rental. To provide an opinion of probable project costs to include building hard construction costs and soft costs, including professional fees.
  • To determine each individual car rental agency’s requirements through a series of meetings with each group where ideas were presented and revised.


The initial budget set out in the original design report was $7,388,200 and the tender came in at $6,686,204 with an anticipated completion date of June 2012. The project was substantially complete on July 10, 2012 and the final construction cost was $6,951,184.